hi i'm Tae!

dedicated student at Stanford.

lover of life.

fitness enthusiast.

aspiring surgeon.


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February 12, 2018

Happy Monday Fit Fam!!

Today I'll be sharing some super cute yet affordable fitness clothing! Yes we all love Lululemon and Gymshark, but our wallets can only go so far. I'm definitely struggling to keep up with all of Gymshark's new releases as a broke college student😭 They are still 100% my favorite athletic clothing company, but sometimes we gotta find some alternatives without sacrificing style.

Let's get started!!

*for sizing reference: I am 5'9", 165 lbs, 27" waist, 41"glutes, 34C, usually wear a medium in tops and bottoms*

1.) Crop Tank Top by Amazon 

Why I Love It: If you follow me on Instagram, then you have definitely seen me wear these super cute crop tank tops from Amazon (see right). I think a crop tank top is a fitness wardrobe essential because they are so versatile, simple, and cute!! I currently own two of these tank tops, but just ordered a third because I love them so much😅 The material is INCREDIBLE! They are super stretchy, but they also hug your body very nicely. The...

August 13, 2016

hey hey hey! It's Friday!! What better way to kick off the weekend than with some fitness inspiration (fitspo)?! Today I wanted to write a little bit about a few of the things that keep me motivated (other than the desire to look and feel healthy). I wear these items every day on my wrist and they're also pretty stylish as well!


The first item of my wrist fitspo collection is the Liv Fit Dumbbell Bracelet which I LOVE! This bracelet is super cute and the gold and black colors go with almost any outfit (workout or not) but they also have a bunch of different color combos! It's a constant reminder that I'm on a fitness journey and that everyday I need to strive to be the best me that I can be. I also just love that the words "Liv Fit" are written on a dumbbell!! So if you're into lifting, working out in general, or just want to try to lead a healthier lifestyle, this bracelet is a great addition to your wrist-game (and it's pretty cheap!)


The second item of my wrist fitspo...

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