Over 70 pages filled with pre-med tips, tricks, and guidance. We break down everything you need for a successful medical school application, including how to get started in extracurriculars, thought-questions for brainstorming your personal statement, and tips for maximizing your GPA! I share all aspects of my personal application too, including my stats, school list, and some essay excerpts. This is the ultimate pre-med success guide. 

The Pre-Med Playbook

The Pre-Med Playbook


Can't afford an MCAT Prep Course? Have no fear!

These flashcards are the ultimate content review, jam-packed with all of the information from my official MCAT Prep Course. I took out a $2500 credit card loan to pay for my course, but you don't have to. The content in these flashcards was my key to scoring a 510+.

Tae's Academy MCAT Flashcards

Tae's Academy MCAT Flashcards


Comprehensive content-review PDFs organized by subject to make your studying a little easier. These study sheets were created directly from the Kaplan MCAT Prep Books.

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If you have specific questions about your pre-med journey or just want some personalized advice, you can schedule a time to chat with me 1 on 1. I'm happy to answer any and all questions to give you some guidance. You can schedule as many meetings as you would like!


Need help with your medical school application? I got you!

My advisors at Stanford served on MD Admissions Committees and helped me develop an application with stellar essays. I'm hoping to pay it forward to YOU. You can click below to book a time for whatever application help you need.